News from the desk of Vincent Bergh

//News from the desk of Vincent Bergh

News from the desk of Vincent Bergh

One quarter of the year is almost gone! Any license holder that had not yet renewed its WCLA license now faces a 150% fine and will also have to apply to the WCLA for condonation for the late payment of the licensing fees for 2019. The application should be filed in time for payment to reflect in the account of the WCLA by 31 March. If you haven’t paid the new license fee of R4 360.00 for a micro-manufacturing, an on-consumption or an off-consumption license, or R7 085 for an on-and-off consumption license, you are still liable to a fine of 150% of the new licensing fee and you have to also apply for condonation and pay the shortfall before 31 March. Please contact us urgently should you find yourself in that position to enable us to assist you.
A new development has taken place that we believe is of great concern for the holders of a micro-manufacturing liquor licenses issued by the WCLA. The current head of enforcement at the WCLA, Adv Van Lille, interpreted the National Liquor Act that no micro-manufacturer that holds a WCLA license, may sell liquor to another licensee, as that would constitute distribution as defined in the National Act. He then engaged with the NLA who confirmed in a recent letter that they agree with his interpretation. The effect hereof is, therefore, that, for any micro-manufacturer that holds a WCLA license (a license with a WCP number), that is selling liquor to other licensees, will now need a National Distribution Liquor Licence.
We do not agree with this interpretation and believe it could be effectively challenged in Court. You have to decide whether you will apply for an NLA license, which means you will hold dual licenses for the same business, or you could do nothing and wait for the NLA to act on this interpretation. The ideal situation would, however, be to challenge their interpretation in Court, as we believe their interpretation is incorrect. For us to do, we would need as much support as possible. This should give us a stronger voice with negotiations and, if we need to go to Court, it would also assist us in that regard. The more support we get, the less each licensee would have to pay.
We shall really appreciate it if you could assist us and support us in this regard. We, therefore, request that you contact us via e-mail, with no obligation, to find out more.



We look forward to assisting you with all your liquor license applications and liquor related requirements and can assure you that our expertise and experience will always ensure fast effective and efficient service. We would also like to assist you with any business-related matters.
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