Vincent Bergh started his legal career almost 40 years ago and is admitted as Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary and to appear in the High Court of South Africa. He was a councillor of the City of Cape Town from 2006 until 2011 and served as a member of the Planning and Environmental Affairs Portfolio Committee and was also a Subcouncil Chair. He also lectured in commercial law at the CPUT.

He became the first Presiding Officer of the Liquor Licensing Tribunal of the Western Cape Liquor Authority, established in terms of the new Act.

He was involved in the amendments to the existing Act, which culminated in the Liquor Amendment Act, 3/2015.  He was also involved in the drafting of the Regulations for the Amendment Act 3/2015, which, at the time of his leaving the LLT, still needed to be published and promulgated to bring the long awaited Amendment Act into operation.

He has gained extensive experience in the field of Liquor Law.

Vincent Bergh is experienced in various fields of commercial and liquor law. His role as decision maker has placed him in a position to see common mistakes made and will make sure your application is submitted in the correct manner and with all supplementary documentation.

He was exposed to thousands of liquor law applications of every kind and has seen the common mistakes made by applicants which caused their applications to fail or be postponed, often because of serious technical or procedural omissions.

Vincent can give you the right advice right from the start. You will use the correct entity and business model and he will submit a properly prepared application of the correct nature to the authorities, resulting in a quick decision.

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