Liquor Licence Applications Cape Town

Liquor licence applications dont have to be hard. We make it easy foryou to apply for a liquor licence. Contact us today to order your liquor licence.

We specialise in liquor law applications for the following:


  • Distribution;
  • Micro manufacturing:
  • With/without tasting;
  • On consumption;
  • Off consumption;
  • On and off consumption;
  • Temporary;
  • Special/ event.


  • Amendment of approved plan;
  • Extension of period for compliance.
  • Storage


  • Death or incapacity of Applicant/Licensee;
  • Change in financial interests: members/directors/trustees/beneficiaries/partners; Letting of licensed premises;
  • Appointment of manager/ change in management;
  • Alteration of licensed premises;
  • Alteration of nature of business of licensed premises;
  • Consent to conduct business on same premises as other licence/ other type of business;
  • Change or add to approved place for storing of liquor;
  • Amendment of trading hours where there is no By-law that determines trading hours;
  • Applications for renewal of licence;
  • Applications for condonation to pay licence renewal fees on time;
  • Applications for the transfer of licences from one entity to another;
  • Applications for the removal of a licence from the existing premises to other premises;
  • Applications for the appointment of the executor/liquidator/trustee as licensee or the abandonment of premises;
  • Applications for reasons;
  • Appeals against decisions;
  • Appearances and assistance with contraventions of the Act;
  • Applications to be declared exempted from the Act.
  • We will add you to our database to ensure you are timeously reminded to renew your liquor licence and will renew it on your behalf.
Liquor Licence Applications

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