Objections Against Liquor Licence Applications

/Objections Against Liquor Licence Applications
Liquor Licence Applications


  • Replies against objections to a liquor licence application;
  • Appearances on behalf of the Applicant before the Board/Tribunal.


Members of the public are often intimidated with the daunting prospect of filing objections against applications for liquor licenses. Often the public isn’t united and objections are mainly based on the “NIMBY” (Not in my backyard)-principle, due to a lack of information. Vincent is also available to address public meetings and explain to the public their rights and obligations in terms of the Act. He will assist the public with objections against licence applications and to register and prosecute complaints when businesses are doing business in contravention of their licence conditions.

The public must also remember that they can apply to have the conditions of a licence amended.


  • Drafting objections;
  • Appearance on behalf of objectors before the Board/Tribunal.